The foot is unique to Humans allowing us to walk upright and adapt to multiple surfaces.
Biomechanics concentrates on looking at the structure, alignment and function of the foot and leg.
Detailed assessments can help to identify factors that may be causing discomfort and early recognition of abnormal foot and lower limb biomechanics can often avoid injury and in some cases, prevent injuries reoccurring.
It is well recognised that a person’s abnormal stance and gait can be the cause of recurrent postural problems commonly including the back, hip and knees as well as foot pain.
In the early stages of our evolution, the terrain we walked upon was uneven and varied. The foot has a complex set of joints and muscles which allow the foot to adapt. However, we are now required to walk upon man-made surfaces which are hard and flat subjecting the foot and legs to low-grade repetitive movements.
The average person can take between 5000 and 18000 steps per day. This low-grade repetitive motion can place stress on the foot, legs, pelvis and spine predisposing to pain and discomfort. Muscle weakness and inflexibility, footwear and activity levels can all affect function.

What to expect during a treatment

You will be asked to fill out a registration form upon arrival. This will help the Podiatrist have a good understanding of your overall general health. Any health issues you feel you have will be discussed fully. Please bring a list of any medications that you are currently taking including over the counter supplements.

The podiatrist will then do a full assessment on your foot and lower limb.

Please bring shorts with you to the appointment so that both legs are visible.

At the initial consultation and examination, if appropriate, a diagnosis will be made. Treatment options will then be explained to you and advice given.
Options may include exercises, stretches, footwear advice and if necessary orthotics may be prescribed.

Who can benefit?

If you are suffering from foot pain, heel pain, ankle pain, knee pain etc., then seeing a specialist in biomechanics could help.
We can help those who participate in sport of all levels.
You are entitled to have a chaperone present during medical history, examination and treatment. You must provide your own chaperone if one is required.

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